IIUM graduates urged to put Islamic learning into practice

By Mahadhir bin Monihuldin

GOMBAK, 14 November 2017: IIUM graduates joining the work force soon have been urged to put into practice the Islamic lessons they’ve gained over the years at the university.

The advice came from Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Abdul Aziz, a member of IIUM’s Board of Governors, in his speech to the fourth session of IIUM’s 33rd Convocation on Sunday (12 November).

The IIUM Board of Governors is the governing, policy making and monitoring body of the university.

Tan Sri Abdul Ghani said, “You are a product of an integrated curriculum where you have been exposed to the role of Islam in all aspects of education specifically and life generally.”

“It’s time now for you to go out into the world and implement what you have acquired in classroom and to show the positive values of Islam to correct the misconceptions towards our faith through the positive portrayal of excellent conduct.”

In his speech, Tan Sri Abdul Ghani also reminded IIUM graduates not to forget the responsibility they hold in carrying out the name of the university.

“Whatever you do, we implore you not to forsake the complementary part you play to the role of IIUM,” he stated.

“This will continue to carry out in an age of convergence viewed from the Muslim perspective that encompasses tawhid as the primary component and tools of technology that facilitate our actions towards acts of ibadah whether you land yourself a career, take up entrepreneurship, or continue to pursue your education.”

Before ending his address to the attendees of the convocation, Abdul Ghani shared his gratitude to the parents and staff members of IIUM who have reared and moulded IIUM graduates to become who they are today. ***

Mahadhir bin Monihuldin

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