“You’re a product of all your mistakes” – Datuk Jake Abdullah

By Aida Zemani

GOMBAK, 11 November 2017: A successful man is a product of all his mistakes, not what he had achieved – and Datuk Jake Abdullah is a perfect example of that.

He is a PhD holder in Metaphysical Science from University of Sedona in Arizona and is a man with many interests. On top of that, he is also the Chief Executive Officer at Astro Radio, the President of Commercial Radio Malaysia, and is also the individual who set up two Astro affiliated radio stations in India (Aamar FM and Power FM) as well as Jakarta, Indonesia (Gen FM and Jak FM).

In a sharing session held yesterday morning (10 November), he spoke about what one should take into consideration to strive in the media industry.

Datuk Jake Abdullah in his speech stressed that there is no one who never makes mistakes and can run away from making mistakes. “If I followed what my parents wanted me to become, I don’t think one thousand people will have jobs today,” he said.

Therefore, he said, “What is most important is to follow what you want to be, not what people want you to be.”

He also highlighted in his speech that “education is important, but a real life experience is much more.”

“Experience is the most precious thing in the world. A person can have the best degree in the world but if they stop themselves from moving forward and face the challenges, grab the opportunity and create experiences, they are nothing,” he said.

“They need to empower themselves and enrich themselves with a lot of experiences.”

According to him, one thing he realised about the new generation nowadays is that “they cannot communicate, feeling subservient, afraid of making mistakes, and afraid of people laughing at them”. However, he said, the best way to handle those things is to laugh at yourself.

“It is getting critical if a person starts to think of people’s judgment on them.”

He said, “There is no such thing as a bad experience. Every experience is a process of learning something new.”

Datuk Jake Abdullah also mentioned in his sharing session to “never live under people’s expectation”.  “Because when people tend to seek other people’s concern on how they present themselves, it can become a toxic towards their own self.”

He went on with the sharing session by highlighting that a person should have their own defining moment and it should be accompanied with a passion.

He said, “Find something that you have the passion and fun of doing it for your own self, not for others. So that you won’t complain.”

Datuk Jake Abdullah concluded that if we listen to other people more than we actually listen to ourselves, we will never have a turning point in our life.***

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