IRK students improve on multimedia skills through video editing workshop

By Liana Zulkifli
GOMBAK, 9 November 2017: The Adobe Premier Pro video editing workshop held recently (5 November) has helped to improve multimedia skills among Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK) students.

Organised by Information and Technology Bureau of Islamic Revealed Knowledge Students’ Secretariat (ISRAK), 29 participants were given the opportunity to enhance their video editing skills with IT expert, Aniq Fakhrul.

The workshop encouraged IRK students to be involved in multimedia by exposing them to advance-level video editing skills while promoting Islamic studies.

“Video editor is a job on high demand nowadays, so I thought this skill is important to be inculcated among IRK students,” said the Assistant Programme Manager, Hakimah Ahmad Sabri.

“In my opinion, having at least one additional skill is important in this millennial age with high competition in every aspect,” Hakimah added.

Meanwhile, the Programme Manager, Syed Muhammad Izzuddin Syed Rohaizat hoped that the skill will enable them to widen their knowledge in terms of media promotion and publication.

He said, “Some IRK assignments for their courses require making presentations through videos but they lack guidance on how to make an impressive video,”

One of the participants, known as Anbar shared some new skills that she learned.

“I have learned how to record the video from the best angle and making some effects in video shooting, besides learning the video editing techniques,” she said.***

Liana Zulkifli

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