Knowing Our Roots as Malaysians through HISTFEST17

By Ammar Abdullah

GOMBAK, 2 November 2017- “Di mana Bumi Dipijak, Di situ Langit Dijunjung”  – the theme chosen for History Festival 2017 (HISTFEST17) as an aspiration for IIUM students to know our identity as Malaysians, which consists of many races.

Organised by the Secretariat History and Civilisation IIUM (HISTFORIUM IIUM), it is the second HIST FEST, and was held for four days at HS Square, KIRKHS.

This year’s theme has been selected by HISTFORIUM as the meaning of the proverb itself has deep implications for Malaysians, to inculcate the spirit of appreciation towards cultural values among IIUM students.

According to the Programme Manager, Muhammad Zuhdi Farhan, it is important for students to discover their own surrounding and locality before learning more about other cultures outside the country.

“By organising this festival also we can encourage a harmonious multiracial atmosphere by getting to know the Malaysian culture and it is crucial for us to uphold this aspect as students and Malaysians,” he said.

Zuhdi added, “History is a picture of who we are, and IIUM itself is a historical university in Malaysia and it is really interesting to discover them and as IIUM students we have to acknowledge our identity,”

Various historical activities were conducted during this event. Among them being Ethnic Exhibition, Public Talk by Prof. Khoo Kay Kim, Batik Launching Day, Special Merdeka Exhibition and many more.

HISTFEST17, held from 30 October until 2 November, was officiated by Head of the Department of History and Civilisation, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohd Helmi Mohd Sobri on Monday (30 October). ***


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