Freeze mob to promote ‘Voice for Ummah’

By Sidra Ahmed

GOMBAK, 31 October 2017: A group of students stood “frozen” for half an hour in front of Unique cafe during lunch hour yesterday (30 October) to promote their upcoming event, “Voice for Ummah”.

Voice for Ummah is a forthcoming speech competition among IIUM students organised by Al Aqsa Friends Society which is scheduled to be held on Thursday  (2 November)  at Experimental Hall.

Keeping up with the tagline of the event, “When they can’t speak you are their voices”, the freeze mob showed various scenarios wherein the Muslims are tortured yet unable to protest against the injustices done to them.

They even held posters and placards talking about unity among the Muslim Ummah.

President of Al Aqsa Friends Society, Ali Chamani Al Anshory, said the freeze mob was part of promotion to attract IIUM community to attend their upcoming big event.

“By showing the contemporary hardships faced by the Ummah all over the world, it is intended to invite more people to come to our event and this is one of the means to create awareness among all about the current ummatic issues,” he added.

With the free entrances and star points provided, all members of IIUM community are invited to join. ***

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