“Pentas Dakwah”: Six qualified to enter final

By Masturah Jamilah

GOMBAK, 29 October 2017: Six out of ten contestants of Pentas Dakwah who fought in the semi-final qualified to compete in the final round scheduled to be held on 2 November at Moot Court, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law (AIKOL).

The semi-final under the theme ‘Professionalism on current issue’ took place at AIKOL Lecture Hall yesterday (28 October) at 8 p.m where every participant was given five minutes to present their talents and demonstrate their skills on stage.

“Alhamdulillah, I feel thankful to Allah to have a chance to compete in the final round which I never imagined that I could qualify,” said Nurul Najwa, a participant who qualified to enter final.

“The five minutes allocated to me to talk on the issue are very challenging as I have only two to three days to get myself prepared,” she said.

The participants felt that they had limited time to do research and to read materials related to the theme.

“I had to read a lot of materials and examine every source that I found,” said Intan Mazura from AIKOL.

Parallel with the objective of the programme which is “to spread knowledge of Islam among IIUM community and to enhance soft skills and creativity of participants while on stage”, its assistant programme manager, Nurul Aliya Abdul Aziz, expressed the hope that the IIUM community would benefit from the event.

“Besides, participants who qualified for the final are not among those who are taking Islamic courses, which give good impact for them that not only those from Islamic courses can talk about Islam,” she added.

Pentas Dakwah received good response from the IIUM community who turned up almost full house during the show.

“This programme should be held again next year because it’s a good chance to produce new talents among the students,” said a member of the audiences.

Judges for the competition are IIUM lecturers, among them Ustaz Zaid and Ustazah Isfadiah, who will be judging the final round.***


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