“Pentas Dakwah” a chance to preach and sharpen public speaking skills

By Marsha Adibah

GOMBAK, 23 October 2017: A da’wah programme called Pentas Dakwah based on television reality programme Dai TV3 and Pencetus Ummah will be held for the second time due to encouraging response from the audience last year.

Organised by the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law (AIKOL), the programme will be staged at Convest Hill on 24 and 25 October with a total of 14 participants from all Kulliyyah which would give them a good chance to enhance their communication and public speaking skills.

The theme for the first round is free. The organisers are giving participants a large space to come up with relevant arguments that suit the current situation.

Subsequently, the second round of the programme with the theme “Professionalism on current issue” will take place at AIKOL lecture hall on 28 October (Saturday). This theme is mainly to assess whether students are now familiar with what is happening and whether they are able to plan proactive and progressive plans to advance the Muslims and Malaysia.

Only the best six persons from the second round will qualify to compete in the final round which is scheduled on 2 November at Moot Court, AIKOL with the theme “Islam is the way of life”.

Excitingly, the programme will be attended mostly by IIUM students and TV personalities such as Ustaz Safwan of TV9, Dai Luqman and Dai Syafiqah who will share their experience and critique the participants.

In addition, IIUM lecturers will take part as judges of the competition.

Pentas Dakwah will not only provide participants with an opportunity to preach for five minutes but also to develop their creativity to capture the hearts and minds of the audience.

The organiser expressed the hope that Pentas Dakwah will help strengthen brotherhood among the IIUM community and come up with an Islamic torch.

With the slogan “Da’wah Across Ummah”, this programme is aimed at building a holistic and universal mind among all participants. The spirit of racism is set aside, the unity of the ummah is preferred. The message to be told is that “although we differ we should not split”.

The programme is intended to provide a spirit of encouragement to the ummah to spread goodwill in any way to make the world a better place for all.***


Marsha Adibah

Public Relations

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