Meteorological Department denies temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius

By Najmi Mamat

GOMBAK, 23 October 2017: The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) denied rumours that Malaysia’s temperature is going to reach over 40 degrees Celsius.

Rumours have circulated on social media that the temperature is rising up to over 40 degrees Celsius for five consecutive days during this week. MMD claimed that this is untrue.

In their official press statement, MMD stated that the heat wave temperature level will reach up to 37 degrees Celsius and the recent highest temperature recorded was 36 degrees Celsius, since last week.

Currently, lightning storms has been affecting some areas in Peninsular Malaysia. According to MMD, this is due to the monsoon transitional phase after the Typhoon Lan began slacking off.

Members of the public are advised to seek the correct information from MMD’s official online website,, myCuaca mobile application, and their social media accounts, Facebook: malaysiamet, Twitter: @malaysianmet or call MetMalaysia Hotline at 1 300 22 1MET (1638). ***

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Najmi Mamat

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