Caring Club reaches orphans in Sabah through Jaring outreach programme

By Aida Zemani

AMPANG, 17 October 2017: For the first time ever, the IIUM Caring Club’s Jaring outreach programme was organised in an orphanage outside of Peninsular Malaysia.

The sixth Jaring outreach programme took place at Rumah Anak Yatim & Asnaf Kg. Langsat in Ranau, Sabah. The three-day programme ended yesterday (16 October).

The outreach programme aimed at fostering the spirit of positivity and brotherhood among the orphans as well as to encourage them to make contributions to the community despite their hardship and difficulties. In their visit, they had a few sessions with the orphans, such as academic mentoring and explorace.

For their expedition to Sabah, Caring Club was supported by sponsors from Khind Starfish Foundation, IM4U and Jurutera Inovasi Sdn. Bhd.

The Programme Manager of Jaring Outreach: Expeditions to Sabah, Muhammad Alif Othmani stated that language was not a barrier for him and his team to give the best in this event since to him sincerity to help should come first.

“The kids obviously do not have good infrastructure and are poverty-stricken. I hope that our three-day visit can give them hope to change their life and future,” he said.

He added, “This expedition is also a stepping stone for the future programme manager to make an even better programme of this kind.”

He expressed his gratitude towards the host, Haini Abdullah, or known as ‘Ustaz Haini’ and his family for their hospitality. He also appreciated the commitments from the orphans, as well as the unwavering efforts by the committee members.

Caring Club is a club under University Centre for Community Engagement (BUDI) IIUM that focuses on engaging with the orphans. Previously, their Jaring Outreach programmes have reached a number of locations, including Kedah, Melaka and Johor, among others.***


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