RFO3 engages society members with the orphans

By Aida Zemani

AMPANG, 8 October 2017: IIUM Caring Club, in collaboration with BMI Unikl, once again managed to organise Run for Orphans 3 (RFO3) in Taman Metropolitan, Kepong on Saturday (7 October).

The event was aimed to raise funds for the orphans besides promoting a healthy lifestyle. RFO3 was also intended to unite members of society from diverse backgrounds, as it was conducted for people of all races to run together with the orphans.

The charity event received supports from various parties, among them was 7Eleven which sponsored Slurpee drink machine for the runners, Nasi Kukus Pok Ha, as well as from one of the committee members of RFO3.

Sponsor bureau with 7Eleven’s representative

The Programme Manager of RFO3, Muhammad Alif Othmani said that the event was the medium for the society to engage with the orphans. Caring Club will not stop at this achievement and will continue striving to increase awareness for the orphans.

Despite it was his first time being a Programme Manager, he expressed satisfaction with the whole execution of the run.

“I am very thankful towards the backbone of this event – my committees who worked hard for months to make this event a success and despite the various obstacles that they faced, they never gave up,” he said.

He added, “Orphans are just human beings like us. They too need to be supported mentally and emotionally. They are part of the community and by helping them to achieve a happier and better life, eventually a better society can be constructed.”

RFO3 was the first run held in collaboration with BMI Unikl. Previously, this event was held between Caring Club and Mahallah Siddiq in IIUM.***


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