SRC Targets 80% Voter Turnout for 2017 Campus Election

By Wafa Aula Alias

GOMBAK, 7 October 2017: The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is targeting 80% voters’ turnout for the upcoming IIUM campus election this month after a decline in the number of voters since the past two years.

Based on the statistics recorded by the IIUM Election Commission, the total percentage of voters’ turnout was 56% in 2016, a drop of 6% compared to the previous year. The number was a sign that IIUM students were uninterested to participate in campus politics.

At the IIUM Campus Election press conference held on Friday (6 October), the SRC emphasised on ethical politics by outlining three core values which are virtue, prudence and wisdom, as well as respect and unity.

“First, by upholding the element of virtue, IIUM could produce high quality leaders and followers. Secondly, to practise prudence and wisdom by upholding a mature intellectual culture in discussions that involve the collection of ideas. We encourage mature discussions that focus on the development and improvement of our future leaders,” said former SRC President, Amirul Hisham Abdul Rahman.

“IIUM students must learn to respect the differences by upholding the elements of tolerance and accepting diverse views of other people. We should see the differences as an opportunity to thrive in various ideologies,” he added.

To improve the process of election, Amirul Hisham called on IIUM students to give suggestions for improvement should they found any lacking in the election process. He said SRC will then forward the students’ concern to the election committees.***

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