Beauty of Omani Literature on display at IIMU conference

By Alya Nadiah
GOMBAK, 5 October 2017: The “Fourth International Conference on the Message of Civilisation in the Omani Literature” took place in IIUM’s Senate Hall yesterday (4 October), aimed at highlighting the exquisite literary works from Oman.

The international conference, organised by the International Institute for Muslim Unity (IIMU), in collaboration with Oman Memory Centre, was enlivened with the presence of the IIUM Rector, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Zaleha Kamarudin.

The event started with the Director of IIMU, Dr. Waleed Fekry Faris, giving an opening speech followed by the next speaker, Deputy Rector of IIMU, Prof. Dr Abdelaziz Berghout.

“We believe that these objectives and aims of the conference are very important to improve and enhance the civilisational contribution of the ummah and the modern development of Islam and Muslims,” Dr. Abdelaziz said.

“All of our aims are to see how the Omani literature can enhance civilisational aspects for the development of the ummah.”

After that, the Secretary-General of the Office of Fatwa in the Sultanate of Oman, B.E Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Alsyabi, delivered his speech to the audience.

The launching ceremony of the Omani literature books took place at the end of the event where the audience was able to get a good glimpse of the publications put on display.***


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