What does it really mean being university students?

By Liana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 3 October 2017: ‘Graduates are very dependent on industry, they are not able to create their own economy and they lack skills in the university’ –  these particular problems from education may be overcome in an upcoming forum entitled “The Purpose of Education” which will be held this Thursday (5 October) at ADM LT4.

With the purpose to bring the darkness into light, Education and Intellectualism Bureau of Islamic Revealed Knowledge Student Society (ISRAK) will present experienced speakers like Dr. Maszlee Malik, Assistant Professor Department Political Science, Dr. Megawati Moris, Assistant Professor Department of IRK and Radin Imadudin, EXCO Education of ABIM.

Among the main topics that will be discussed are the purpose of education to the Muslim youth-student, the adaptation of Islamic education system in democracy, and the root problem of the Malaysian education.

“My expectations from this forum are to make students clear on the Islamic purpose of education and to find out the solution from various alternatives regarding the problem of our education system,” said Aina Wafi Ab Kadir, a moderator of this forum which will be conducted in Malay language.

Meanwhile, one of the panelists, Radin Imadudin agreed that this forum is important for the students to attend.

“Students need to learn and prepare themselves for the contribution to the society in order to be the functional vicegerent,” he explained.

Those interested can register online on http://bit.ly/purposeofeducationisrak or contact Natasya Noh at the number: 017-6127390 for any inquiries. ***


Liana Zulkifli

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