Caring Club to promote awareness towards orphans through OAW

By Aida Zemani

 GOMBAK, 2 October 2017: Caring Club, a club under BUDI, is back today on track to promote its latest prestigious festival called Orphan Awareness Week (OAW) at the Convest Hill, from 2.00 p.m to 10.00 p.m.

The five-day festival, held in Gombak campus from 2 to 6 October 2017, was aimed at creating awareness among IIUM community of a club that exists to provide assistance to the orphans as well as to raise funds to help the orphanage in Klang Valley area. The festival also provides opportunities not only for the IIUM community but also for outsiders to showcase their talents.

Many games and activities were provided at the festival, for instance, XnR Laser Tag, Hydro Tag, Glow In The Dark Bowling, Horror Movies Streak that will leave the audience in a jumpscare besides having varieties of vendors and food trucks.

“Although there are also another festival that aimed differently but exists around the same time with us on campus, I hope this festival can be a benchmark for other clubs to conduct such events, not only for profits but also promoting to help those in need,” said OAW’s programme manager, Ahmad Nabil Akhtar.

“The profit gained from vendors through this festival will be distributed to the orphans,” he added.

The programme manager congratulated and thanked all the committee members and friends who were of great assistance “to help us adjust to the present needs and to make preparations several months even before the festival starts so as to make this festival a real success”.

The OAW has been held for the third time this year and it is the first time for Caring Club to hold this prestigious festival without collaboration with other clubs. ***

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