International Conference on Bediuzzaman’s Thoughts targets present Muslim community

By Arwa Khan
GOMBAK, 26 September 2017: The international conference on Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s Thought held in IIUM from 23 to 25 September had brought back memories of a great Muslim in terms of his achievement as a scholar and his teachings to his apprentices.

The main aim was to examine how Said Nursi’s ideology was concerned with solidarity within the society, among different members, without involvement in criticism towards one another.

The Vice President of the Hayrat Foundation, Turkey, Mr. Said Yavuz, spoke on the standard of living of Said Nursi.  He said, “Said Nursi preserved a moderate level in his lifestyle and had advised the same to all.”

This can be considered as a great example of “Wasatiyyah” which is presented in different textual forms and meanings such as excellence, justice, and moderation.

The conference was held mainly to have the knowledge about moving hand in hand for long term and saving them for our future generations from misguidance. They spotlighted the direct relationship between true iman and practice,  concept about worship in standardising the life of commendable individuals and society.

The session mainly talked about discovering the reality of human nature and reviewing the selfish desires that corrupt individuals live. It also discussed how to instil the key ethical axioms in an individual for achieving Wasatiyyah.

Correspondingly, Prof. Dr.Thameem Ushama of the Department of Usul al-Din, KIRKHS, spoke on the various principles of Dakwah and its methodology that needs to be adopted in the current setting of the Islamic Worldview. ***

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