ASTRO Radio announces upcoming contemporary Muslim radio station

By Azra Farzana Shuib

BUKIT JALIL, 22 September 2017: ASTRO Radio has announced its fourth Malay language radio station airing soon through 104.9 fm frequency providing modern Muslim content comprising fashion, technology, entertainment and current lifestyle.

The new radio station is targeting listeners between the age of 18 and 34, with a focus on students and young professionals who are passionate in discovering the modern world and sharing their experiences. It provides a new alternative to listeners who seek positive content while going about their daily life.

ASTRO has not announced its name yet but bears the meaning of ‘beauty’. The name is expected to be made known soon during its launching ceremony.

The radio network company made the announcement in its Majlis Kesyukuran & Doa Selamat held at ASTRO Bukit Jalil yesterday (21 September). Among the guests at the event were children from Pusat Jagaan Nuri, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

The line of radio announcers are famous young influencers like DJ Mawi, DJ Anas, DJ Lin Ariffin, DJ Raqib and DJ Falyq. According to the station’s Content Manager, Wan Syahrul Amry Wan Mansor, the announcers are chosen as they reflect the concept of modern Muslim lifestyle the station brings.

“We have identified the role play of each announcer and we will soon announce their segments,” he told IIUMToday.

“The concept of this radio station is contemporary Muslim lifestyle – in music and other contents. We choose our music accordingly, spreading positive messages and do not promote any negativity,” he added.

One of the announcers, DJ Raqib, said that the opportunity to be a deejay in the new station is a chance for him to expand his career and experience.

“I auditioned to be an announcer and although I do not have any basic in being a deejay, I was chosen. I consider the chance to be in this industry a real blessing,”

Asked about the segment that he wishes to host, he hopes for something that engages the young people.

“I would want to do something that is enlightening and casual. Like a Q & A session maybe, but not something that is too heavy,” he said.***


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