7 Cheers for the 60 Years

By Liyana Sheridean

blown by the wind,
it is more than what meets the eye,
to see the four colours,
with fourteen stripes,
and a crescent moon which stood next to a shining star,
dancing to the wind and the singing crowd.

of all the tears, blood and sweat shed,
left them no regret.
marched in with dignity,
and walked out with victory.

7 is the charm,
listen, listen to the hum.

for we have won the fight against our enemy
for we have gained independence for our country
for we have been standing with each other, in unity
for we have been released from such slavery
for we are free, no more pain and misery
for we have won with dignity and professional diplomacy
Hooray! Hooray!
for we can finally live in peace and harmony
6 standing figures we have,
who lead the nation, away from mishaps;
we have various cultural diversities,
that light up Malaysia,
beautifully and uniquely.

For all that we know, we come from many,
but together we stand,
we reach for unity.

60 years of living, in peace and harmony,
Happy Independence Day, Malaysia.
for we stand united,
you have shown us serendipity.

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