Benefits of Saving


By Jamal Zulkifli

As the month of blessings came to an end, the Muslims would celebrate the month of Syawal as a symbol of victory.

It has been the practices for Muslims to seek forgiveness towards others during the month of Syawal.  In Malaysia, it is common for the Muslim community to visit their kin and neighbours with the purpose to mend old wounds or strengthen existing bonds. Feast would be held where both familiar and distant faces are welcomed to the hospitality of the host. Truly, Syawal is a month of wonder.

One custom that distinguishes the celebration of Syawal in Malaysia apart from any other places is the practice of handing out duit raya.

While many indulge themselves from what they received, some believe in the benefit of saving their income.

Among the benefits of saving duit raya are as follows.

The savings would function as a safety net where it could be proven useful in times of need. Having money to spare would save us from the pressure of unexpected circumstances that is unforeseeable in the future.

The sum that is saved would act as preparation for future plans which could be used for education or investments. This habit could help us avoid debts.

“The pursuit of financial knowledge is a key economic imperative. It also has the ability to transform lives. In today’s world, the ability and knowledge to save, invest and borrow are essential life skills, be it for individuals or businesses,” said Muhammad bin Ibrahim in his talk titled Raising Awareness of Financial Knowledge in Malaysia.

It is imperative that the habits of saving up duit raya should begin at an early age so that the sum would total up to a larger amount because it enables us to have better security for our future.***


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