Iktikaf at SHAS Mosque at closing of Ramadan

By Nurliana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 24 June 2017 – As the Ramadan came to its 10 last nights,  Muslims took the opportunity to carry out iktikaf at SHAS Mosque starting from 13  until 24 June.

This programme was under Ihya’ Ramadhan of SHAS Mosque in collaboration of i-Masjid society.

Muslims had occupied the mosque since last 10 Ramadan and it was full on 27  Ramadan for finding the blessing night of Lailatul Qadr with spiritual activities such as IIUM Quran Hour, Grand Tadarrus, Memorisation of Al-Quran and Subuh Warriors.

“Allah granted Muslims with Lailatul Qadr which is the reward to those worship to Allah such as for a thousand nights, as stated in Surah Al-Qadr verses 1-5,” said the President of i-Masjid.Helmi Nordin.

Among the special guests for the nights were the Sheikh and scholars from the Arab lands and Al-Hafiz from among IIUM staffs and students.

There are many facilities provided by SHAS Mosque such as traveler room, tour guide, wheelchairs and multipurpose hall. Because of that, it attracted not only local Muslims, but also international Muslims who spent several nights to gain some experience.

In addition, they could feel the spirit of doing Qiyamullail together, the beautiful recitation of Al-Quran from different Imam and the bonding of brotherhood among Muslims around the world.

Muslims were able update on the mosque activities during Iktikaf through SHAS Mosque Office, Taqwim and its social media.

Most of the guests considered the last night of Ramadan as the right time for the believers to get the special reward from Allah and improve their relationship with the Lord.

“Hope they will get the better ending of the Holy month,” wished Izzuddin Rafi, as the programme manager.

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