SHAS Mosque welcomes Muslims for Ihya’ Ramadhan programmes

By Nurliana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 26 May 2017 – With the arrival of fasting month of Ramadan, the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (SHAS) Mosque has introduced a special programme called ‘Ihya’ Ramadhan’ through ‘Gotong-Royong Bubur Lambuk’.

The event held at the Foyer area on Thursday (25 May) was launched by the director of IIUM Mosque, Dr. Abdul Salam and continued with the launching of the ‘Ahlan wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan 1438H’ by Dato’ Abdul Rahim Hj. Ahmad, the executive director of the Management Services Department.

“Since we handle this event once a year only, it’s our medium to announce about the coming of Ramadan and the spiritual activities conducted by SHAS Mosque during the fasting month,” the programme manager, Mus’ab Sahimi said.

The preparation of the ‘Bubur Lambuk’ will be up to 11 pots for this year. IIUM Deputy Rector, Dato’ Dr. Mizan Hitam, besides the Daya Bersih and the Kulliyyah of Engineering, will be among the main sponsors for the dish.

The gotong-royong, organised by the students and staff, started from 8a.m and went on until 2.30p.m. For the first time, SHAS Mosque opened the opportunity for them to become volunteers rather than limiting it to i-Masjid committee members only.

“I am so grateful because we received many applications from them to be part of our committees since three weeks ago, but we have to limit it to 100 people only,” Mus’ab told IIUMToday.

He added: “We hope this programme will increase awareness about Ramadan and encourage them to come to the mosque daily and be close with Al-Qur’an.”

One of the volunteers agreed that this event be organised annually. Mutmainnah Mazlan, from Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS) said: “I am joining this programme because I want to practice the hadith by the Prophet.”

“The best of people are those who bring the most benefit to the rest of mankind. This is therefore the best medium for students to give something back to our community,” she added.

Meanwhile, all Muslims are invited to join the activities of Ihya’ Ramadhan during the fasting month and they can grab a chance to be sponsored by IIUM Rector for performing the umrah.

“We will organise special programmes such as World Qur’anic Hour on 14 June and Al-Qur’an memorisation contest where participants who are winners will have an opportunity to receive the umrah sponsor from the Rector,” Vice President of i-Masjid, Izzuddin Rafi, explained about the event.

The daily programmes such as Iftar, Terawih, Qur’an Recitation, Iktikaf and memorisation of Al-Qur’an with facilitator, named ‘Pillar Talaqi Musafahah’, will be held at SHAS Mosques and are open for everyone.

In addition, the special sahur foods will be provided on every weekend, on 27 Ramadan and on the last 10 days of Ramadan.

All members of the IIUM community are encouraged to be volunteers as accommodation and other facilities will be provided by SHAS Mosque’s office.

“As Muslims, we must be close with the mosque because ‘the mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day’, as mentioned in Surah At- Tawbah verse 18”, Izzuddin said on his invitation to the people to enliven the mosque.

There are many religious activities conducted during the Ihya’ Ramadan event which will be announced in IIUM website and also through announcement after congregational prayers every day by the SHAS Mosque office.***

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