Travel Journalist: Hardships and rewards that come with it

By Jamalull Lail

Adventure! That’s one of the perks of working as a travel journalist. It’s a fun job.

If you think that being a travel journalist is merely about writing reviews about places that you visited, meeting up the deadlines, publishing articles, then you are wrong. There are more than those listed in being a travel journalist.

The opportunity to meet new colourful people and to go to places that you have never visited before, and more than often you would be mesmerised by the wonders of the world which would leave you hungry to go on to seek for more adventures. Truly, the reward that you get from working as a travel journalist would far outweigh the hardship.

“For other people, traveling means going to the new places, but for me it is to know about another culture and to appreciate God’s creation, so if you really understand the meaning of travelling, you will love it,” said Neysa Assila, a travel journalist for Intermedia.

However, she said that being a travel journalist is not easy due to the demands and nature of the job.

One of the experiences that she shared during an interview was when she had to go through the bombing situation in Istanbul and had lost all contacts as she was all alone at that time.

The job is challenging which is why passion is of the essence to work as a travel journalist.

According to her, what keeps her going at all times is her passion towards her work. She claimed that it is imperative that passion is instilled in the heart of a journalist so that he or she will not waver when challenges come knocking on the door. Many times she was faced with the challenges that most of us would consider quitting. She, however, persevered through without a slight hesitation because of the love that she has towards the job.

Being a travel journalist, you would often find yourself in situations that require you to be independent and strong, at the same time it is imperative for travel journalists to be able to work together in a team.

Regardless of all that, she emphasised that she still loves her job and would continue to work as she is not only able to fulfil her passion of traveling, she also enjoys discovering new places and cultures around the globe.

There are many difficulties that she has to face to continue her work as a travel journalist.***

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