Academic visit to MCMC clears misconceptions on its functions

By Puteri Balkish

GOMBAK, 12 May 2017 –  Communication students had a good exposure to the functions and roles of the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission following a brief visit to the regulatory agency recently (28 April). There were 22 students who are mostly from IIUMToday.

The objective of this visit was for the students to learn about MCMC as a government agency responsible for regulating the implementation of policies in relation to communication and multimedia sector.

The visit was led by IIUMToday’s Coordinator, Dr. Wan Norshira Wan Mohd Ghazali. Also accompanying the students’ visit to the agency was the portal’s editor Aznan Mat Piah.

The visitors were greeted by the MCMC official, Madam Norizan Ab Rahman, who later gave an introductory remarks for the educational session with the students.

For about 45 minutes, the participants were introduced to the MCMC in a talk on Network Media Management by Mr. Muhammad Amirul Hafiz Rosly. He explained that MCMC does not have full control of the media organisations, channels and agencies in Malaysia, as they are subjected to the laws of the country. However, he stated that the MCMC is responsible to telcos and what is communicated on the internet. But, he also said that the MCMC would do its very best to accommodate the public needs.

The next speaker, Miss Lalitha a/p Kesavan, gave a talk on “Media in Broadcasting”. She highlighted MCMC’s main focus on broadcasting besides attending to complaints on social media and internet abuse.

The last slot was delivered by Mrs. Nik Salehah Nik Abdul Aziz who elaborated on MCMC’s “Klik Dengan Bijak” initiative. The audience was taught about scam websites, social media usage and online predators.

After the session ended, the participants were served with lunch before they adjourned.

Overall, the visit was an eye-opener and the participants had the chance to clarify their misconceptions about MCMC’s functions.***

Image by Alis Nerindo

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