“Perjumpaan Makhluk Seni” an art sharing space for everyone

By Miza Afrina

GOMBAK, 8 May 2017: IIUM Poetry Club has organised an ongoing event called “Perjumpaan Makhluk Seni” a.k.a PMS which is conducted once a month throughout this semester where people can come and gather to share their work of art and chill. It does not only focus on poetry recitation but also any form of art as it is a place where people can actually be ‘free’ to express themselves.

Its programme manager, Umar Abd. Aziz, said that it all started when there was the urge of doing something fun on campus where people do not have to spend so much money, but we recognised there is a lot of talent among them and we wanted to give them ‘the space’.

“The students can come and share what to them is their art, I believe that everyone is a ‘makhluk seni’ or literally a poetry animal so they should share,” Umar said.

PMS has conducted the event for the sixth time on May 5, and it marked the last one for this semester. According to Umar, the response has been great as around 80 people came to the show that night compared to their first show where they had only 20 people who were mostly their friends.

This event has no entrance fee but it does need financial support for it to survive. People can drop some money based on their judgement if they think it is good = RM10, all right = RM5, just fine = RM1 or just any amount they think PMS deserves.

People can also not pay anything if they do not want to or they could not afford it. However, they can help out through volunteering, giving feedback and comment and by promoting the event and sharing about the event with other people through hashtags #PKsendiri and #PMS2017.

Currently PMS is just a sharing space and what Umar hopes for the future is that the words would spread so more people would come and are willing to share their arts.

“I hope that the students and the people around Gombak area would make this event theirs as this ‘space’ is really a place for people to use for whatever they want to do,” Umar added. ***



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