GRADS 2017 a platform to enrich post graduate students’ presentation skills

By Muhammad Abdul Aziz

GOMBAK, 6 May 2017: A ‘Graduate Seminar on Women, Gender and Society (GRADS) 2017’ conducted by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology recently was to give an intellectual platform to postgraduate students to improve in their presentation.

“The Department feels that postgraduate students need exposure in paper presentation and seminars as these will be part of their future academic pursuits,” its Head of the Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rohaiza Abd. Rokis told IIUMToday.

“Conveying one’s own ideas to their friends and teachers is a skill that every budding scholar needs to hone,” she said.

More importantly, the seminar was also intended to reduce the ‘paper-and-pen’ assessment method as requested by the Dean of KIRKHS, Prof. Dr. Rahmah Bt. Ahmad H. Osman.

Dr. Rohaiza further described, “In this seminar, all students’ papers were initially assessed and the presentation were also evaluated as a consequence of such a reduction (paper-and-pen method).”

Asked why the topic was on women-related issues, the alumnus of University of Bristol (UK) argued that such topic is very pertinent to the contemporary time.

The topic that was discussed by 11 presenters was categorised under three main sub-themes: ‘The role and status of women their socio-historic context’, ‘The effect of globalisation on gender roles’, and ‘Issues and challenges of millennial women’.

A presenter, Putri Silaturrahmi, a master’s student in sociology, realised the benefit of the seminar. She shared: “Those, including me, who are interested in this theme, of course, are very happy because we can share our knowledge.”

“Other than that, the seminar has very much enhanced my intellectual knowledge and boost self-confidence both in terms of the subject and the medium of instruction,” the Indonesian student added.

Held at Mini Auditorium, the opening of the seminar was officiated by Deputy Dean of Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS), Prof. Dr. Majdi Haji Ibrahim. In his opening address the Deputy Dean welcomed the initiative taken by the Department’s Postgraduate Student Association in helping with the seminar.

“I also wish all presenters to be productive in their pursuit of academic endeavour,” he said.

The seminar was conducted in conjunction with SOCA Carnival 2017 that took place on 25-27 April recently. ***

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