“Oriental Night” an effort to integrate all international students

By Mohammad Saifullah

GOMBAK, 6 May 2017: China is a country that reminds us of the ‘Great Wall’, with a large population, a nation that has the oldest civilisation in the world. Last night an event called “Oriental Night” organised by the Chinese Students Society IIUM received good response from the students.

The event held last night (5 May) at Econs LT1, was aimed at encouraging Chinese students to interact with international and local students to know each other and to strengthen relationship among them.

The Vice President of Students’ Representative Council, Hamza Benazzi, said in his speech, “During my whole studentship in IIUM we always worked to integrate local students with the international students, but this is the first time I can see there is an initiative taken to integrate all the international students, a real effort made to enhance relationship among international students.”

“I would like to welcome the initiative and special thanks to the Chinese Students Society,” Hamza added.

“This is our first event with other students. One thing I cannot skip that students used to say Chinese students are very confined to themselves. I can say there is a reason for it. In China, the people there are not so familiar with English, and the Chinese students are very shy to speak to others,” President of Chinese Students Society, Yusuf (Yang Xin) told IIUMToday.

“Tonight we’re having ‘Oriental Night’ to integrate the Chinese students with others and we’re going to exhibit our own culture to IIUM students.”

These were wonderful performances by Chinese students portraying their culture. The audiences were really enjoying the performances judging from the applauses received.

There was also a game for non-Chinese students to eat dumplings by chopsticks to introduce Chinese culture to the others.

A student from Guinea, Ahmed Tidiane Sidibe said, “The event was very enjoyable and I wish other societies will take similar initiative to introduce their culture to others as it is the way to integrate us.”

Meanwhile, Yusuf thanked all local, international, as well as Chinese students for their presence, and he hoped it would work as a motivation for all.***


Good works bring joys!

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