IIUM Quality Day honours special community

By Nurliana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 2 May 2017: A special community of disabled people were honoured at the IIUM Quality Day recently (27 to 28 April) when the university administration gave them a place at the Banquet Hall to promote their society and to raise awareness about their existence and needs in this university and the country.

“Some parties in the society can accept and respect us, but not some of them. Because of our low mobility, I think it is our right to get their attention,” Mohd. Sakani, a massager with disability expressed his opinion.

Among the booth that received good attention was the Malaysia Blind People Society (PPOBM) from Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur where visitors were given the opportunity to learn braille symbols, number and signs.

“We bring special braille book from a local publisher in different genre such as Motivation, Qur’an & Story Book, so that you can learn how to read it,” Abdul Manan, a volunteer informed IIUMToday to promote their products in order to help this community.

Besides that, the special reflexology massage by blind people was provided here with a charge of RM30 for 30 minutes. This was as the alternative to help them in aspect of education and survival skills.

Meanwhile, the exhibition also had introduced the Disability Service Unit (DSU) to IIUM community through its informative booth because some of them did not aware about the existence of this organisation.

Lead by Prof. Datuk Dr. Mizan Hitam, DSU was established in July 2012 with the aim to cater for the special needs of students, staff and visitors with disabilities, and establish inclusiveness at IIUM in collaboration with Disability Liaison Officers (DLO) and IIUM Ibn Ummi Maktum Club (I-MaC).

The disability community can get services from DSU in terms of transport facilities, special room and equipment at Mahallah, extra examination time and financial assistance by contacting Fadhlullah Sharuddin at 03-61966333.

Besides that, not forgetting was the exhibition’s financial aids channel for those in need. Among them was the IIUM Staff Society or KESATU booth with the objective to help the staff in need in all aspects such as salary, new position and health problem.

Meanwhile, for the students, IIUM Endowment Fund is also available here through information on Zakat, food distribution and Waqaf project such as Khairunnisa’ and RM1 campaign. ***

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