“Our strength is team work”- Dean of KIRKHS

By Nurliana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 1 May 2017: The academic staff of the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS) were reminded of team work spirit to bring out the best for the Kulliyyah.

“Our strength is in team work. Let’s therefore respect and complement each other for the best achievement,” the Dean of KIRKHS, Prof. Dr. Rahmah AH Osman told the Kulliyyah assembly on 21 April recently.

The academic assembly had gathered lecturers and staff from all departments under the Kulliyyah such as Communication, Sociology, Psychology, History, Political Science, English, Usuluddin and Quran Sunnah.

The assembly was told that the focus for this year was on strategic planning in research and publication. In order to find solution to the problem, a good research proposal was stressed out.

Other important topics raised at the assembly were the achievement of the university, the research and publication index, the post-graduate curriculum review, and the student activities and mobility.

“We target 70% of student mobility as the exposure to them in addition to activities at different institutions and outside the country such as South Korea and Thailand,” said Deputy Dean (Student Affairs), Dr. Fuzi Omar.

“This year we have a high number of students’ application for the academic and ummatic awards, and this showed our students’ achievements,” Dr. Fuzi added.

In addition, this Kuliyyah has planned to implement collaborative student programmes between Human Sciences and IRK for financial sustainability in the future.

Besides that, the issue on post graduate studies had been highlighted by the Deputy Dean of Postgraduate and Research, Prof. Dr. Majdi Haji Ibrahim.

“Our main concern is to achieve Graduate On Time (GOT) in order to be a world class university through new policy and planning,” he explained.

“I think this Kuliyyah is leading the university to achieve the world education by complementing western and Islamic knowledge,” Dr. Malik Badri, the most senior lecturer told IIUMToday.

Dr. Malik Badri had been honoured for his long contribution to IIUM in a special session at the assembly by Dr. Mardiana from Psychology Department.

“We must do the work based on pure intention because everything will be rewarded by Allah,” Dr. Malik gave his advice in his speech.

Because of the high number of active academic researchers, staff and international research plan through six memoranda of agreement, this Kulliyyah had succeeded to be in the first place in the QS World Ranking in 2016.

Prof. Dr. Rahmah stated this on a video presentation: “If you want something that you never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done before.” This is seen as an encouragement to the audience to improve the Kuliyyah’s integrity as well as its academic standard.

As the largest Kuliyyah in this university, it has fully applied, technically, changes that derived unity, modernity, creativity, innovation and productivity in the education system in order to transform its services toward comprehensive excellence.

With ICT technology use  to instil quality learning, according to Malaysian Education blueprint, this Kuliyyah had arranged six steps in its strategic planning to ensure its continuous achievement.

Among the strategies are adding value and increasing market sustainability of fresh graduates, creating the right ecosystem, changing problems into opportunities, and transforming service delivery through i-Ta’leem and social media.

IRKHS had also established Islamic channel and education through its manuscripts and programmes to achieve Key Ihsan Index (KII) every year.

For the first time the KIRKHS assembly had invited students to celebrate and honour their achievement in co-curriculum activities.

“I am excited because I have been invited by Dr. Rahmah, and at the same time nervous when I met IIUM debaters. However, it was a sweet memory as a final year student,” Farra Syafiqah, the winner of Arabic Story Telling (UPM), expressed her feeling.

Not forgetting was the assembly’s honour for the contributions of Allahyarhamah Dr. Aidila Ishak and Mrs. Nazzatul Shahri Mokhtar to the university, by the recitation of al-Fatihah by all presented.

The academic assembly was closed with a Q & A session, followed by a du’a recitation by Dr. Radhwan Jamal. ***


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