Reality on the long road of addiction recovery

By Muhammad Faiz

Hollywood has been known to pushing the envelope countless of times. They have been pushing the boundaries to test the limits for their audiences and make a mark in the film and television industry. One of them is CBS show, ‘Mom’. The show tells a story of two generations of a mother and a daughter, both who are alcoholic addicts and ex-junkie in their pursuit for a better life. In their journey to recovery, it also foretells their struggles recovering with life getting in their way.

Stigmas surrounding people suffering from addiction always paint a negative light on it. Somehow, their struggles and efforts to be better for themselves and their life go unnoticed by the public eyes. They seem to be more concerned with the people they used to be, an addict or as some of them, a disgrace. Addiction, defined as a condition that results when a person ingests a substance that creates pleasure but continuous use becomes compulsive and interferes with their life responsibilities. Usually, an addict is unaware that their life is out of control so when they decided to change their life; it does mean they are aware of their wrongdoings and attempting to make it right.

One of the hardest realities regarding addiction recovery is admitting they have a problem. Admitting to having a problem would be a very first step in any pursuit to recovery. Thus, by admitting it will help shed light and open the door for recovery. When the door opens, it offers an opportunity for an addict to choose the option for the recovery whether it be rehabilitation centre or therapy or joining an anonymous meeting.

Besides that, one of the realities that an addict can relapse at any time if they are not being careful. Relapse is when a former addict falls off the wagon and from a treatment plan. They could go from being sober for around two years to being an addict again in 48 hours. In order to stay being sober and free from alcohol or any substances, one needs to be aware of their life and their surroundings. Sometimes when we are too focused on the pursuit of the discovery, it will cause them to cut off people from their life to ensure they stay being sober. It could be family members, relatives, or even friends.

Discipline is a vital key to the recovery for an addiction. In order to stay sober, one needs to have a routine to stay sober. The routine should start from the moment we wake up until at the end of the day. It includes exercising, meditation, working, eating and doing hobby in between. By having a fixed routine, it helps their mind to stay off from the addictions, to keep their minds occupied instead of thinking about their bad habits. Not only that, they also need, to be honest with themselves by following the routine and to stay off the wagon.

The journey to a full recovery from an addiction no doubts would be filled with hardships and struggles to any individual as it would not be an easy ride. Therefore, it is extremely important for these people to have an amazing support system behind them. If not, they must be strong enough to fight any temptations coming from other people and their pasts. As Thomas Carlyle once said, “Permanence, perseverance, and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this that in all things distinguish the strong soul from the weak.” ***

Muhammad Faiz

21, always trying to save the world. I believe I could, so I did.

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