‘Rentak Pujangga’ brings new dimension in theatre performance

By Nurliana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 14 April 2017- A new production called Rentak Pujangga had successfully brought nostalgia of classical culture through ‘Tari Nostalgia Theatre’ performance on Monday (10 April) at Experimental Hall.

With RM4 per entrance, the audience were amazed by great classical dance movement with traditional songs throughout their first major show.

“This is not a typical theatre by acting and reading script only. But this is a dance theatre with different genre and there is hidden story in it,” Fairuz Syafiqah, the main cast told IIUMToday after the performance.

With the theme ‘#Nostalgia’, the show was a wake-up call for the new generation to appreciate their culture beauty by bringing back memorable songs and dance performance on the stage.  They want to create new elements in IIUM theatre performance through critical and analytical approach.

“We want our audience to feel the different concept of this theatre by reading our hidden message and value through non-verbal and body language along with classical songs because we are university students,” the stage director, Khalifah Tambong explained about the show.

He continued, “Each race has a different way in self-expression. So that, we can make comparison and take a positive side from it because Islam also encourages us to promote the good and prohibit the wrong.”

This theatre was divided into three segments representing Malay, Chinese and English culture which were Irama Klasik Senandung Kasih Melayu, Oriental Mementos and The Grand Finale. All of these genre were about expression of women nature and feelings such as happy, sacrifice and sad.  They maintained Islamic value through their attire and movement.

The preparation for choreography and costumes took three weeks, however, they have performed it very well, according to their advisor, Dr. Faizah Idrus. She was satisfied with the performance and was looking forward to the next theatre.

“I am so happy with their performance tonight because it received good response from the audience,” she expressed her feeling after the show.

She added; “We received several invitations from organisations outside to perform, but for this time we want to focus on skill development and to gain experience in IIUM first.”

She also advised the students to be balanced between study, co-curriculum and skill development and admitted that Rentak Pujangga is the right platform for them to showcase their talent and idea.

During the last segment, the audience sang together a touching song and they were surprised by a dancer falling down as a closing gimmick.

“Since I love traditional dance and this is my first time watching theatre at IIUM, I really enjoyed the performance,” Ain Fariha, a second year student said of the performance.

“Do come and join us for more uniqueness in theatre,” Khalif Adam said, opening an opportunity for every student to join this production.

Rentak Pujangga Production has been established early this year under IIUM Theatre Club with a vision to promote traditional culture to IIUM students.

Those who are interested to showcase their talent in theatre may contact Khalif Adam at 0124018727. ***

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