Optimistic IIUM Arabic debating team to do their best in final

By Syakir Nizam

QATAR, 12 April  2017 –  The Arabic debating team of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) is optimistic to do their best in the battle facing Qatar University in the final round of International University Debating Championship that will be held here today at 11.30 p.m (Malaysian local time).

One comment in one of the debaters’ Facebook post reads, “Press conference with finalists.. feeling really optimistic to battle the host, Qatar University, on their stage tomorrow (today), pray for us!.” The debater is Abd Rahim Bin Ellias, a Fiqh and Usulludin student.

Another debater, Nurfirman Manan told to IIUMToday that he was very positive and full of spirit to face the opponent team, Qatar University in the final round.

On Monday, IIUM Arabic debating team, represented by Muhammad Nurfirman Mohamed, 22, Ikmal Hakimi, 23 , Nazri Rostam,  22 and ‘Abd Rahim Ellias, 21 made history not only for IIUM but Malaysia itself after becoming the first non-Arabic native speaking university that qualifiied to the final round for the native speaker category.

During the semi final, they beat the chosen contestant from Birzeit University, Palestine with the juries score of 7-0.

IIUM students who want to give their support to their team can watch the debate via streaming online at Youtube channel or watch TV Al-Jazeera.***

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