IRKHS Fest to bring about integration

By Farah Radzuan

GOMBAK, 4 April 2017: The IRKHS Fest is up and running again after its last appearance in 2014, this time, with a new tagline ‘Integration towards perfection’.

Organised by the Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences Students’ Society (IRKHSSS), the festival has a long line-up of activities that include sale of street food, forum, games and theatre shows throughout the five-day event which began yesterday.

IRKHS Fest programme manager, Muhammad Amier Rostam said, “The idea of the festival is actually to promote the integration among the Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK) and Human Sciences (HS) students as we are under the same roof.”

He continued, “IRKHS Fest has been held in the past before but has stopped a long time ago. This time we are focusing on the combination of effort among committees that come from IRK and HS students. We are no longer separated and we want students from HS to join hands with IRK and vice versa in the programme.”

During the opening day yesterday, a talk entitled “Arts and Humanities” highlighting how arts influence society was successfully organised.

“There is another artistic form that we have forgotten, that is about our intellectual life. Arts is not about sensory organ only, but also about our minds that need to be stimulated as well,” said Xifu Naser, one of the speakers at the forum.

The IRKHS Festival is held from 3 until 7 April.

It is held in collaboration with Islamic Revealed Knowledge Students Society (ISRAK), Secretariat of Arabic Language & Literature (ALA), Secretariat of English Language & Literature (ELITS), Secretariat of Psychology (PSYCSTA), Secretariat of History and Civilisation (HISTFORIUM), Secretariat of Political Science Students (POSSA), Communication Students’ Association (COSA),  and Sociology and Anthropology Students’ Association (SOCASA). ***

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