Dr. Jamal Badi on how to be moderate Muslims

By Afina Ismail

GOMBAK, 4 April 2017: In conjunction with the IRKHS Fest 2017, the Secretariat of English Linguistics and Literature (ELITS) organised a talk on ‘Moderation in the 21st Century’ at Mini Auditorium yesterday.

The talk was given by Associate Prof. Dr. Jamal Badi, a lecturer from the IRK department, where he shared his views on how to balance our lives in a moderate way within the 21st century and to ponder on whether or not we are truly moderate Muslims.

Dr. Jamal Badi spoke about aspects and ways on how to balance our lives based on different categories. The cores of our lives, according to him, are the heart and mind.

He said, “Creating a balance between your heart and intellect is important so that your heart will be in control.”

He urged the Muslims to balance the message that goes through the heart and the mind as the message that goes through the heart is influencing our actions bigger than the message that goes through the mind.

“Do not allow something negative to control our thoughts and always be positive,” he emphasised.

Besides that, Dr. Jamal Badi, who is also teaching Creative Thinking at the IRK Department, said, “There must be a balance between virtual life and real life”.

“A person must not always be a passive user of the technology. Be a controller, but don’t misuse it,” he said in relation to the dangers of the new-age issue of cat-fishing.

Other than that, Dr. Jamal Badi stressed on the balance of emotion. He shared on how the media such as drama shows, movies and songs can influence our emotions.

On this he stated, “Do not be extreme in any emotion and don’t go beyond the limit.”

The extreme love and hate manifested by those media by using certain words, actions and illustrations can influence our emotion greatly.

In the age of millennium, the Muslims are facing a great challenge in various ways both internally and externally.

“We need to introduce the Islamic values and Islamic concepts in the light of 21st century challenges so that we can achieve moderation in life,” Dr. Jamal Badi concluded. ***



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