This is our own Budi centre called ‘Land of Hope’

By Wafa Aula Alias

GOMBAK, 13 March 2017: IIUM announces the setting up of its own Budi Centre called ‘Land of Hope’ to provide free education for villagers here at Kampung Batu 11.

“Here in the Land of Hope, our focus is to provide free education system consistently to the public. We also want them to know the existence of IIUM in giving hopes for them to improve their life,” said  Maizatul Farahain, who is the Chairperson of Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship Students’ Representative Council (SRC), IIUM.

The Land of Hope is the place where IIUM students can give back to the society by providing them with free education consistently. Three classes will be conducted under the Land of Hope such as English class, Religion class and skills class which are not only meant for kids but also open for adults as well.

Every Kulliyyah will send its representative to teach villagers in every class; for instance Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge will be handling religion class. Meanwhile, the Kulliyyah of Language and Management will be handling English classes in collaborating with  SOLS 24/7  by using syllabus system to teach the public.

In collaboration with the humanitarian organisation called SOLS 24/7, they aimed to tackle poverty issue through education and technology.

“Our aim is to give people the opportunity to fulfill their potential to get out from poverty. We strongly believe, one of the ways for people to get out from poverty is by educating themselves, and with skills to have a better life.

We will give them free education and skill such as English, Technology and character building that the community can benefit from it,” explained Chen Wen Ru who is the SOLS 24/7 volunteer.

The class will be conducted every weekend starting from 8a.m. All IIUM students are welcome to become volunteers. ***





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