Leadership and management proficiency among IIUM students

By Adeela Rahman

Both leadership and management are harmonising with each other. Leadership and management skills among students are necessary to groom them into becoming successful leaders.

An action-based study was conducted at IIUM recently to explore leadership and managements skills among student. The purpose of this study was to find out student’s capabilities and skills at organising events in a professional manner. The activities of the students such as workshop, lecture series, extracurricular activities etc, over the period of one year, were closely observed and evaluated.

The management relied heavily on tangible measurable capabilities such as effective planning, use of organisational systems, and the use of appropriate communications methods.

Effective leadership does not necessarily require great technical or intellectual capacity. These attributes might help, but they are not pivotal. Leadership involves a number of management skills, but generally as a secondary or background function of true leadership. Instead, leadership relies most strongly on less tangible and less measurable things like trust, inspiration, attitude, decision-making, and personal character.

The students’ management and leadership skills were assessed on five points including resource management, stage management, presentations, audience centred, logistics arrangements, team work and time management. These aspects were judged on four rating scales – Excellent, Good, Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory.

Human Resource Management

The analysis illustrated that human resource management is well planned and coordinated. For organising each event, students firstly coordinated and contacted with particular resource persons from inside and outside of the university. The resource persons were formally informed and approval of their feasible time for the events were taken in a very professional manner. The communication with them by the students was up to mark and all the pre-requisites and demands of the resource persons were efficiently fulfilled and managed by the students themselves.

To attract the audience is also one of the very important factors to hold successful events. For the seminar, a number of audience was not limited, and all participants were welcomed and accommodated within a limited physical space. The audiences for each event comprised of students and faculty members from various departments.

Financial Logistics arrangements

The venues and required equipment were provided by the university administration. While other arrangements like banners, stage decoration, food and souvenirs were managed by the students themselves. Students arranged such types of logistics which were financially affordable to them and all aspects managed in an efficient way.

Team work

Team work is one of the very important aspects of managing tasks within a group. Every individual member of the group worked enthusiastically with full potential, motivation and hard work. The different tasks to hold each event were divided among group members and all have taken it as their responsibility which had been fulfilled in a very professional manner. No conflicts and problems were noticed among groups and every student cooperates with each other very well. This helps the students to mange all activities of three events on time and efficiently. Each team is lead by one leader and all members of the groups accept his or her decision and the leader also plays a very positive and cooperative role with other members of the team.

Time Management

Most of the observed events started and ended on their schedule times. The allocation of time for speakers, presentation and discussion were managed very well and no delays were cited throughout the study period. Resource persons arrived at the given time, tea and lunch breaks were on scheduled time due to which students have not bothered about the less time at any stage.

The study demonstrated that all events were well organised and ended with the active participation of students and faculty members. The outcomes of the study were remarkable as students conduct all the events in a very professional manner showing their rich enthusiasm and motivation.

All events were well organised and management of resources including resource persons, logistics, refreshments, banners, audience, stages and timings were also well managed by the students. The remarkable aspect of these activities was the team work, as the tasks were distributed among members; all the students within a group were equally participated and coordinated with each other efficiently.

The study concluded that through knowledge, guidance, education as well as developing motivation among students, the leadership and management qualities can be accomplished among students as they are at a learning stage.

For organising such events, the researcher must acknowledge to the students, administrative personnels of the university, and all supporting academic and administrative staff for the successful organisation of the events. The study may not be possible without cooperation, encouragement and enthusiastic attitude of students and participants. ***

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