PSYCSTA’s International Women’s Day 2017: Ethereal blooms sold like hot cakes

By Puteri Balkish

GOMBAK, 10 March 2017: The sole occasion that women would rejoice all around the world, otherwise known as International Women’s Day, was memorialised in IIUM by PSYCHSTA (Secretariat of Psychology) ’s opening of a flower stall at HS Square, on 8 March 2017, from 12 noon to 5 p.m.

The International Women’s Day 2017 focuses on women to ‘be bold for change’ and aimed at urging women in the current millennia to join different kinds of job sectors.

Assistant Head of Public Relations and Communication of PSYCHSTA, second year Psychology student, Nor Fazirah Fairuz, hopes that the issue of gender-bias in the working sector in Malaysia would decline this year and gender-balanced leadership would be more recognised.

“Instead of looking at a person’s gender, the character and calibre of an individual should be accessed beforehand when employers are recruiting for workers,” she added.

Asked about their expectations prior to the opening of the flower stall, they said that they were not expecting much attention. However, they ended up receiving a rousing audience as they eventually had all the 160 units of flowers they initially prepared, sold out as soon as 2.00 p.m and the chocolates were sold out by 2.30 p.m.

The idea of opening a flower stall was proposed by one of the committee members who believes that women are just like flowers, that they have their own beauty, and to compare one woman with another is unfair because each of them has her own uniqueness and strength.

A self-taught calligraphy artist, Nur Sakeenah Mohd Azlan, wrote on the cards distributed with flowers and chocolates.

Second year AIKOL student, Aiman Fauzi, who happened to be in that area, said that PSYCHSTA’s idea of opening a flower stall was brilliant as women deserve constant appreciation and generally have an affinity towards these blooms and they often represent the individualistic characteristics of a woman, varying between types and colours.***

Puteri Balkish

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