“Afghanistan: The unbeatable land to erase misconception”

By Mohammad Saifullah 

GOMBAK, 3 March: Many people has this perception of Afghanistan – it’s a country of Taliban and the country of Osama bin Laden. This is what Prof. Mohd Naqib Ishan Jan told the audience recently.

Today, he said, we are here to let people know the story of Afghanistan, especially those who have that kind of perception. It is not a mistake of them but it’s the media that have created the mindset for the people,” said Prof. Mohd Naqib Ishan Jan who is from the Department of Private Law, AIKOL.

Organised by the  Al Aqsa Friends Society in collaboration with Afghanistan Student Association Malaysia, the programme was held 2March at Experimental Hall ,IIUM.

There was another prominent speaker, Associate Prof. Dr. Ishtiaq Hossain from the Department of Political Science KIRKHS, who delivered his talk on the international security and future responsibility of Afghanistan.

A theatre performance held at the talk by Al Aqsa cultural bureau showed the real story of Afghanistan.

Prof. Mohd Naqib said, “If you look at the history of Afghanistan, it is a developing country but the problem with it is that it created in the mind of most people that the country is all about terrorism.

It is the country that experienced Soviet war, civil war and many dark ages. Those are the reasons behind the wrong perception of Afghanistan. The enemies are always engaged to create disputes in Afghanistan to stop the development in that country.” ***


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