QYC’s Streets Dakwah is back at it again

By Muhammad Faiz

GOMBAK, 6 March 2017: Quranic Youth Club IIUM is back at it again with Santuni non-Muslims via Streets Dakwah around Masjid Jamek yesterday (4 March).

Streets Dakwah is an activity where members of QYC IIUM are able to convey the message about Islam to the people on the street.

“I’ve learnt a lot about the methods of dakwah and the way to present Islam to the Muslims and even the non-Muslims. We get to try making new friends from other faiths, we keep getting many good feedback and hear some misconception that other people had about Islam,” one of the members in QYC IIUM told IIUMToday.

“We get to face the people who do not even care about religion and many other people who have different faith than Muslims do. We get to know them and get their contact number to keep in touch in the future,” he added.

Another member of QYC IIUM said that her hope is to leave a good impression about Islam and try to make non-Muslims feel welcome and comfortable with Islam as many of the people they approached are foreigners. Thus, she hoped everyone can learn something from Islam even if it is a smaller deed.

When asked about foreigners and people they approached in the street, he said, most of them acknowledged the programme as interesting and interactive.

This programme is to instil a spirit of da’i inside every member and participant as Allah has prescribed to all. ***

Muhammad Faiz

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