Helping the poor through ‘Suapan Bonda’ programme

By Nurliana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 5 March 2017 – A free meal distribution to IIUM student programme known as ‘Desert Corner Suapan Bonda’ was held at IIUM Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque recently to help poor students in campus.

This programme was organised by Redah Team in collaboration with Walk With Me & SEDULUR Team with the aim to promote humanity feeling and responsibility apart from promoting the volunteer club in its efforts to attract new members to the club.

During this programme, students were given free meals such as tomato rice, cold cordial water and piece of cake. Around 300 students were present to give support to the team.

According to Hanani, a first year Psychology student, “This programme is very good because it introduced and gave awareness about volunteer club to IIUM students. In addition, it is very helpful to the students to reduce their daily food expenditure.”

Redah Team is one of volunteer clubs at IIUM Gombak established in December 2016 by five students from BENL and Engineering courses. With the objective of ‘reducing unemployment rate among marginalised group in Malaysia’, this club continued its effort until today after it won third place in High Pride Competition, an entrepreneur competition for helping refugee groups last year.

Redah Team main board member, Iqbal Hakimi said: “We have high ambition to help refugees outside there through volunteer club because this is a global issue that we must be concerned with the problem.”

With their target this year to help refugees around Malaysia and branding their tote bag product, the Redah Team hoped they could continue this programme next time to attract more new members to help with their volunteer activities.

This team had given many contributions to the society especially the refugee groups around Gombak area. With their tote bag product, they helped refugees to generate their income by using their own creativity and design. Known as Needle Project, it began in January with the aim to empower refugees in Malaysia to be self-sustainable.

Through the Needle Project, the refugees produced hipster and stylish tote bag which inculcated the note worthy feature in it, which is priced around RM25 each.

This team is organising volunteer projects from their office located at Wangsa Maju.

For more information about Redah Team, students can visit their official Instagram: @redah.official. For those interested to buy their tote bag and  want to become part of this team, they can contact Iqbal at number: 014-2980176.

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