PSYCSTA’s #Imnotashamed support campaign to create awareness

By Farah Radzuan

GOMBAK, 3 March 2017: MINDA and RELATE Malaysia are calling for university students to join a challenge called “Green Ribbon Challenge” which is the extension towards “#imnotashamed” campaign that has started in Malaysia.

Psychology Association, PSYCSTA (Secretariat of Psychology), IIUM, has called on all students to support and join this campaign to spread awareness of mental health condition among our society today.

“We decided to spread #imnotashamed and #TeamNotAshamed into our official account on 25 February 2017. And we would like to make this campaign viral for another three weeks through our social media,” said Norfazirah Fairuz who is the Assistant Head of Public Relations and Communication of PSYCSTA, when interviewed.

“We will have our second wave on 4 March and the last wave will be from 13 until 17 March,” she added.

“#imnotashamed” is a hashtag created purposely to remind people with mental illness condition and other people that they do not need to be ashamed of their condition that has been used all around the world. MINDA and RELATE Malaysia will play the role to spread the awareness to Malaysians about mental health issues that occurred in Malaysia.

Those who love to join and support this campaign may follow the following steps:-
1. Take a picture with a sign that has
– @mindakami
– @relatemalaysia
– #ImNotAshamed
2. Post on social media with hashtags #TeamNotAshamed and #ImNotAshamed
3. Tag @mindakami and @relatemalaysia on FB and Twitter. Or @teamnotazhamedmy on Instagram  ***

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