Multaqa QYC to produce da’i


By Mohammad Saifullah

GOMBAK, 17 February 2017: With the theme “Towards a Unique Quranic Generation”, Multaqa QYC was held on 15 February at Experimental Hall, IIUM, with the objective to build a generation that can contribute in future as a da’i (preacher) to non-Muslims.

The programme started at 8 p.m with the reciting of Quranic verse and du’a by Faris Akmal bin Faizal and ended with the Q & A session at 11 p.m.

Multaqa QYC was a mass gathering between the old and new members who registered this semester in the Quranic Youth Generation, namely QYC. The purpose of the Multaqa QYC session was to ta’aruf among the members and let the new comers know the real objectives of QYC and how the club functions.

Quranic Youth Club is one of the 16 community-based clubs under the auspices of the Centre for University Social Responsibility (CENSERVE) of IIUM. It works to empower the Muslim youth in IIUM towards a better understanding of Islam by developing a variety of da’wah models through self-development, diversified intellectual discourse, da’wah training as well as to rev the da’wah outreach by rolling out in street da’wah project, social welfare activities and mentoring programmes for young Muslim children. 

“Multaqa QYC was a great session in my life as I can see a group of people who are dedicated to work to make a unique Quranic generation besides exhibiting their personal qualities,” said Maidul Islam, an engineering student from Bangladesh.

The president of QYC, Ibrahim Adham said, “The initiative we have taken is to educate our IIUM youth to increase their knowledge through what they can preach the Islamic dawah to non-Muslims. We are focusing not only to spread the dawah, but also to strengthen our relationship with non-Muslims.”

“Preesently we are not limited to the local boundary. Last year we sent our aid to Rangpur, a poor district in Bangladesh to help the poor Muslim and non-Muslim people,” he added.

In the Q & A session new comers had a chance to ask questions to help them understand the objectives of the QYC and how it works.

Muhammad Afif Rahman, the speaker of Multaqa QYC last night and who was the representative of Finance Bureau of QYC previously, said, “We can now see the dream that we had constructed in our mind. We can see it in its real form as the present members are doing well in conveying our responsibility to deliver it for future generation.”

Programme Manager, Muhammad Qamarul Ikhwan said: “I am very thankful to the committee members and the audiences who attended tonight. It shows the success of our programme and I hope we could deliver our message well to them.” ***



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