What I learned from Chapecoense plane crash

By Harun Jamallullail

It’s no denial that it’s an extremely sad moment when the air crash happened lately. It was one of the saddest moments of my life as I’ve learned a lot about it in not taking my life for granted. Although, I’m never a fan of ACF Chapecoense, I never believe that this sad moment would ever happen.

As a supporter of either Palestino or Universidad de Chile, in which only Palestino qualified for the Copa Sudamerica 2016 (The South American version of Champions League), I didn’t expect to see ACF Chapecoense would have ended their careers in the most shocking way.

Since the crash sacrificed 19 of the team staff, including players and coaches, leaving a few whom survived the Madelin crash which included the three players who survived the crash and those nine players who didn’t attend the game because they were dropped out from the team. They were mourning and the whole world mourns with them since the whole world shared about them. Following this, various organisations donated cash, especially Paris St. Germain (PSG) which donated 40 million euros, Corinthians willing to loan their players to ACF Chapecoense for no loan fees, Cristiano Ronaldo donated  3 million euros and Edison Cavani getting booked for revealing a T-shirt tributing to the Chapecoense plane crash victims.

Hearing this news, I was really shocked because I learned some of the victims were around my age, especially Tiaguinho, Ailton Canela and Matues Caramelo who were 22 years old. As a person whom is faced up numerous difficulties in and sometimes wish I am dead, I never expected to take back my words fastest ever! Especially when I saw them for the last time being happy as they were on the road to the Finals of Copa Sudamerica 2016! They worked hard and are about to celebrate their victory with their teammates, family and close friends. However, luck wasn’t on their side.

What hurts me even more is when their goalkeeper, Danilo who has a child had to leave his child in order to win the cup and show their victory to his family and hoping to make his family and child proud. However, his dream didn’t come true as he became a casualty in the crash. Nobody understands how emotionally broken is his family and his child except those who have children. Although I’m not married, but do share their pain, especially loosing someone close to you in a blink of an eye.

Therefore, I believe that there is so much more to learn in life than a being rejected by friends or loved one. The feeling of losing someone who you always love in a blink of an eye, especially a family member in a tragic crash. Due to this, I believe that I shouldn’t take my life for granted and make the best of it. ***

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