Why God created disabled people

By Amir Aliyudin

Many people will think and ask these questions when it comes to the disabled people.

“Why did God create people who are born with disabilities? Is there a verse of the Qur’an or the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad that explain this? ”

I remember when I look at the YouTube for Dr Zakir Naik’s video. One of the audiences asked him regarding the above questions.

He replied. “This brother is asking a very good question. Why and what’s the reason God created some people born with disabilities?”

The reason is explained in the Qur’an Surah Al Mulk paragraph 2.

“What makes the death and life that He may test you, who among you a better charity. And He is the Mighty, the Forgiving. (QS. Al Mulk: 2)”.

Dr. Zakir Naik went on to describe different views of Islam with Hindu about people born with disabilities. In Hinduism, there is a philosophy called sanskara or reincarnation. That someone who dies will be reborn as a certain figure depending on what he did in the previous life. Moreover, if the person has done the good deeds, he will be reborn in a better level of creatures. Conversely, if he behaves badly, he will be reborn in the level of lesser beings.

The highest level of creature in reincarnation is a human. Humans are divided into various castes from the lowest to the highest: pariah, Shudra, Vaishya, knights and Brahmins. While the creature is the lowest level of the animals, which are also divided into various levels.

If the creature does good and died, someday he will be reborn as a higher-level creature. So the animals, if the good will be reincarnated as a human and humans if done poorly will be reborn as lower-level creatures to be beasts.

In Islam, a person born disabled or not, all of it is a test. Based on the test, a person will be assessed. God tested each person in a different way. Some are used as the rich. Whether with that they are grateful, paying zakat. While the poor are getting zakat, easier reckoning poor people, the rich people more difficult reckoning.

Similarly, people who are born with disabilities sometimes have to ask what’s the baby sin? In Islam all babies are sacred, nothing is innocent. He is innocent. But it was a test for him, the test for whether parents believe in God. This time it was tested with a difficult test. And with the more difficult test, the greater reward they will receive.

For further illustration, it was similar to those who study in the university. If someone takes a degree, the test is easy. When it comes to master, the examinations are more difficult. While for Ph.D. exams will be more difficult compared to Master, but when he graduated, he will became a doctor.

Thus, the greater the reward for exams and degrees is in the sight of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

That was how Dr. Zakir Naik explained about the above matter. He said everything that we have is a test, so we have to struggle for the test in order to get the best result from Allah the almighty.

“And may we always become grateful persons for what we have. Ameen.”  ***

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