“Project Nostalgia Fiesta” to raise awareness of history

By Norhaspin Ajib

GOMBAK, 16 November 2016: A “Project Nostalgia Fiesta” intends to create awareness and appreciation among IIUM students towards culture by bringing the history of law on cases that happened in the 70s.

According to the Programme Manager who is the representative of The Law Student Society (LAWSOC), Eemilia Zainal Aabidin, 21, this event is to remind especially AIKOL students on cases such as the Inspector-General of Police and Miss Malaysia who were killed and much more.

Also, we were told that this event is held for rewinding back to the traditional culture of Malays such as retro genre at that time.

For the first time LAWSOC in collaboration with Steadfast Club, is organising an event that provides more than 40 vendors for the visitors, throughout for four days starting from 14 until 17 November.

A “Project Nostalgia Fiesta” provides the stall and activities such as food, photo booth, happy hour, lucky draw, costume day and performance by “Buskers”, Dikir Barat by Sutra Pawana IIUM, the martial art of silat, and Tarian Zapin by Nafas Tari.

Meanwhile, this collaboration, for the Steadfast Club members, it is a great opportunity for them to grab a chance in conjunction with celebration of 25th anniversary of the club since its establishment.

According to the programme manager representing the Steadfast Club, Faez Ruzaini Mohammed Aynul Quzzat, 20, Steadfast club is mainly acting as a facilitator to expose to entrepreneurship.

Both programme managers are inviting all IIUM students, including international students to visit the fiesta.

“This event is not focused only on local students, but also for the international students to get to know the history and culture of Malaysians.” ***

photo credited to the Project Nostalgia Fiesta 2016 facebook page

nor haspin

writer and reader

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