Fund-raising theatre ‘Lelaki Dari Hujung Kota’ to be staged in November

By Farah Radzuan

GOMBAK, 14 November 2016: The name ‘Mega Charity Theatre 2.0: Lelaki Dari Hujung Kota’ has been given to the upcoming theatre that will be staged on 18 November.

This theatre is directed by Nurus Syamilah Amir Hamzah and it is a collaboration of work between Quranic Youth Club (QYC), Produksi Rumah Cantik and Hidayah Centre Foundation.

“This programme is a fundraising event for underprivileged Muallaf community, in conjunction with Muallaf Aid Project organised by Hidayah Centre Foundation. This project is targeting at RM6000 fund in total by distributing RM250 for each of the 24 families.

“On top of that, theatre staging is deemed as a tool of dakwah and a good medium to spread awareness on the highlighted issues through storytelling,” said the event’s programme manager, Nur Afiqah Md Azmi.

“In terms of impact, the students and public will be exposed to the title and plot which are inspired by the Quranic verses which are from surah Yaseen & Al-Qasas. The students and society can realise that it is possible for the messages of Quran and Sunnah to get across through entertainment,” added Nur Afiqah, who is a third year student majoring in Arabic Language and Literature.

“As programme manager, I hope that this theatre could be a big hit to the IIUM students and public as well. This theatre is dedicated to provide awareness about multiracial society where people of different faiths and beliefs live harmoniously and cooperatively while respecting integrity and distinctness of their own tradition,” said Nur Afiqah.

The tickets are priced at RM8 for IIUM students and RM10 for the public. It will be available at HS dry area, IIUM Mosque (level 2, female entrance) and Kulliyyah of Economics & Management Sciences for IIUM students. And for public audience, online ticketing option is available at

This play is a sequel of theatre ‘Lelaki Dari Dhaka’ which was staged in November 2015 for Mega Charity Theatre 1.0.***

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