“Character is testimony of the institution you come from”

By Norhaspin Ajib

GOMBAK, 5 November 2016: A person’s character is the testimony to the principle of the foundation of this international Islamic institution, according to Dr. Sharyar Wani.

In his valedictory speech at the 32nd Convocation, as a representative of graduands from the Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT), Dr. Sharyar Wani who just received his PhD, said that a new graduate, especially from this university, possesses knowledge and good values that can be a good example for the humanity for an Islamic institution.

“People will understand Islam through your character,” he added.

Dr. Sharyar Wani said, “The university shapes graduates to have a good character where life is a journey of a character finding moment, so you have to make sure to take advantage of that moment.”

He added that with the character that has been shaped students would be able to do their kind deeds, contribute, and bring the name of IIUM to the outside world. Also, in the future, he said, graduates would be able to lead the humanity for betterment.

The university’s three-day convocation from 5 to 7 November is held at the Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) at its Gombak campus. This year IIUM produces 4,992 graduates, 980 of the total will receive their doctoral degree (PhD).

Dr. Sharyar expressed his gratitude and congratulated all graduands who received their scrolls at this year’s convocation.

“I want to acknowledge the brilliant, talented, ambitious and accomplished members of the class of 2016. I am proud of you. Congratulations and well done.” ***

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