Bidding for stalls at IIUM Convocation Ceremony starts on 5 November

By Muhammad Faiz

GOMBAK, 1 November 2016:  A bidding process for rental of stalls at Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) compound, in conjunction with the coming 32nd IIUM Convocation Ceremony, will be held for three days from 5 until 7 November.

Organised by KESATU or Kesatuan Kakitangan Sokongan Satu  IIUM, the bidding price for the rental starts at RM1500.00 where each stall will be provided with one unit of canopy (15′ x 15′), four units of tables (3′ x 5′) and chairs, one unit of fan and eight units of authorisation tags.

President of KESATU, Fakhrurrazi Danial said that they are looking for vendors who can sell flowers and souvenirs for the students and their families during the 32nd IIUM Convocation Ceremony. The strategic venue of the stalls, which is at the same place as the ceremony, will help benefit the vendors in terms of their sales.

“I hope that they can sell their products at reasonable prices and obey the rules and regulations of IIUM,” said Fakhrurrazi, who is also the Head of Transportation and Entrepreneurship Bureau.

The deadline of submission for the bidding process is on 1 November. ***

Muhammad Faiz

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