‘Psychology Young Scholar’ award to be revived

By Ajwad Amal

GOMBAK, 26 October 2016: The title ‘Psychology Young Scholar’ will help psychology students a lot in their future career prompting the Secretariat of Psychology (PSYCSTA) to revive the award aimed at celebrating and promoting empirical research among the students.

“The idea of reviving the award came from our new lecturer, Maisara Mohd Taib, who felt that the title ‘Psychology Young Scholar’ will help a lot in students’ career and scholarship interviews,” said Chairman of PSYCSTA, Muhammad Idlan Afiq Mohamad Zahari.

PSYCSTA now wants to reward students who put their efforts in conducting research and hopes this will inspire others to also participate in empirical research.

“The topics students can cover can range from anything, but we are expecting their experimental papers or elective subjects such as engineering psychology, counselling psychology, and political psychology,” Idlan told IIUMToday.

He also mentioned that the topics are not limited to any subject as long as it is empirical and related to human behaviour and mental processes.

“I hope that through this award people will learn to do better in their assignments as well as join more academic based projects, such as conferences and symposiums. This is ┬áto enhance students’ confidence in their own work,” Idlan added.

The deadline for submission of their research papers will be 29 October (for abstracts) and 15 November (for full paper). Three categories will be awarded based on the empirical / review paper which are Co-Authored among Students, Single Author, and Co-Authored with Lecturer(s).***


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