Lessons drawn from “Doctors” (닥터스)

By Syakir Nizam

Being a fan of Korean drama, I recently watched a new drama entitled “Doctors”. This drama was on-air from 20 July until 23 August 2016 on SBS Channel (ASTRO Ch 393).

This heart-warming drama acted by Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won has gained the highest rating of daily drama in Seoul and nationwide of Korean due to the easy and simple plot for audiences to understand.

This drama is about a problematic student, Yoo Hye Jung’s (Park Shin Hye) struggle in her life after her father left her to her sick grandmother. Although she was a problematic student her homeroom teacher, Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) believes she has an ability to score highest marks in her exam and finally, she successfully became a neurosurgeon specialist at KUKIL Hospital.

Next, “Doctors” portrayed many lessons from the beginning of the episode, for example, in episode 1, we can see how Hye Jung’s grandmother struggled to take care of Hye Jung, although she was sick but because she is very loving to her grandchildren, she still cares about her and persuades Hye Jung to go to school.

So, what I want to stress is that the drama is about strengthening of relationship between family members. Although your family needs to face the biggest challenges and problems, but if you take care and give support to each other, it can build a strong bonding and your problematic family members can face that challenge successfully as portrayed in the drama.

Other than that, this drama also gives us a feeling of joy, sad and exciting. Since this drama can be categorised as light drama which means not heavy to watch like “Secret Love”, the audiences can follow the story without having to prepare themselves with too much tissue paper.

In this drama it portrayed the relationship between Hong Ji Hong and Jung Hye Jung, the two co-stars. Since her secondary school days, Hye Jung started to build her feeling toward her homeroom teacher, Hong Ji Hong. However, due to some issues, she and her teacher need to be separated for about 14 years. It had been a long time they never met and after the 14 years, Hong suddenly met Hye Jung again after he was assigned to work at the Neurology Department and he struggled very hard to start and build their relationship again.

What I want to highlight here is about love. It does not matter when and where you want to portray your feelings towards someone because we cannot avoid from falling in love, but the most important point here is how you want to control your feelings and avoid from becoming worst.

I remember how some of my friends who failed in their relationship had to go through great sufferings to forget about their lovers. So, we need to believe in fate (myung) that Allah has already determined to you, and believe it, the partner that belongs to you is good for the sake of your life.

Moreover, the drama portrayed the humanity value. It shows the two different situations between the poor with the rich people. For example, there was a scene when a poor father cannot support the hospital bills for his children, but the hospital administration still force him to pay on time. Due to this situation, the father had to owe a large amount of debt and as a result, he almost committed suicide. Fortunately, Hye Jung saved him and promised to help him solve the problem. What is highlighted here is not about how much bureaucratic process that we need to face, but when it comes to humanity, we must give priority to that, and as a Muslim,we need to increase our humanity values within ourselves.

Finally, this drama also taught me that every human being has a second chance to change. This is what the common lesson that you can gain if you watch the Korean drama. One example, how Hye Jung can forgive the person who gave her a bitter memory during her teenager like Seo Woo using her wealth to slander Hye Jung and we can see finally Hye Jung forgave her dad. We can take some good lesson from this situation and apply it into our daily. Everybody who did a mistake to you deserves to gain a second chance although it hurts sometimes but with the word “I forgive you”, it can cure your heart intentionally.

In a nutshell, this drama also provided the knowledge about medicine and not only focusing on love scene but also focusing on how to educate people through watching dramas. So, I can give 4.5 out of 5.***

“When good memories resurface when I meet a good person… I want to become a better person.”

syakir nizam


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