Maal Hijrah Debate 2016: IIUM B emerged champion

By Syakir Nizam

GOMBAK, 12 October 2016 – International Islamic University Malaysia  B ( IIUM B)  and  Mahaad Tahfiz Negeri Pahang emerged as champions in the university category and the school category respectively in the Grand Final IIUM Open Maal Hijrah  Debate Championship 2016.

For the university category, with the final motion, “This House Believes Overthrow of Assad Regime is The Solution for Syrian Crisis”, IIUM,  as the opposition side, won after beating International Islamic University Malaysia A (IIUM A) with the juries (6-1).  Muhammad Ikmal from IIUM B was announced as the best speaker for final round.

On the other hand, in the school category, on the final motion, “This House Believes The Establishment of School Court is Important”, Maahad Tahfiz Negeri Pahang  was crowned as the champion after beating SMKA Putrajaya  with the juries ( 5- 2). Muhammad Adam  from SMKA Putrajaya secured the title for the best speaker.

A brief information, IIUM Open Maal Hijrah  Debate Championship 2016 was held from 7 until 10 October at IIUM campus in Gombak and was participated by 34 schools for the schools category and  11 higher learning institutions for university category respectively.

The closing ceremony was officiated by IIUM’s Deputy Rector (Student Affairs), Dato’ Dr.  Mizan bin Hitam. ***

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