Lively performances at ELITS Theatre Night 2016

By Puteri Balkish

GOMBAK, 7 October 2016 – Three production houses, Twinkle Studio, Silver Spades and Last Minute Theatrics, were brought together on stage, each presenting a short play of its own under the title, ‘East Meets West: Magia, Polyamory and Stitches”.

Held on 3 October from 8 p.m to 11 p.m, at the Main Auditorium, the event was packed with a big audience, mostly students. The night began with recitation of du’a and a speech by the advisor of ELITS society, Mazlan Yusof.

The performance opened with a play titled “Magia: The Legendary Wizard” directed by Ramis Hamadul from Twinkle Studios. It centred around a character by the name of Magia and how he builds his identity.

To achieve his intention to become immortal and rule Ridicularious Land, he must possess the heart of Princess Crystal, his own niece. This particular play is a prequel to “Clown: The Untold Story”.

Magia is stuck between getting trapped forever in the dark forest and harming his niece, Princess Crystal, who is due for her Coronation Day where she will inherit the throne.

However, when she left for the forest to pick some oranges, Killy who is Magia’s accomplice, tried to kill her. Unfortunately, his attempt to take her life failed as Fortunia, her servant, came to her rescue.

Magia then attempted to give Princess Crystal an orange and console her. She was about to consume the orange and then Prince Malik from the Far Far Eastland, The Land of Virtue, came. After that came the Coronation Day and Princess Crystal was gifted with the king of fruits, the durian, by Prince Malik.

Soon after that, she collapsed. Magia took the opportunity to accuse Prince Malik of attempted murder. Fortunia then threw garlic at Magia and he squealed in pain. King Magia then fled to escape and the princess was awakened by the durian.

Magia was approached by the Black Lady in anger because he failed but then, he managed to take her spear and killed the Princess. He now possesses the throne.

The play is rather vague because it is a continuation of a previously performed prequel. Nonetheless, it was still amusing and enigmatic.

The following play was titled “Stitches” by Silver Spades. The main character is Kamilah. The play started with a conversation between her and Bonda. They talked about how cute and pretty she is.

Unfortunately, as she succumbs to society’s standards, she has her thoughts consumed in terms of body image and her identity. She feels unsatisfied with herself. Her demons are constantly eating her up.

In the end, she fell into trap and got caught in the dark abyss of her insecurities. She changed herself and ended up not liking the result. The play is dark, enthralling and definitely a wake-up call to not succumb to that mentality.

Last but not least, the closing play was Polyamory by Last Minute Theatrics. This particular play is more like a typical Malay drama with an unexpected twist.

Coming from different backgrounds and ideologies, two family men, Razin and Alif, got involved in a body swapping incident that resulted in chaotic lives and it is even more complicated with their wives.

This tale is very amusing and it certainly gave the crowd a good laugh.

Overall, many regarded the event as a success. ***

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